Big turn-out for Signature Awards

Audience of 550 watches ‘best in the business’ crowned at the ICC

‘Our time has arrived’ was the cry from West Midlands mayor Andy Street at the fourth Signature Awards held at the ICC, attended by 550 business leaders. Organised by Ninder Johal and headline sponsored by Birmingham City University, the evening saw the crowning of businesses and professions in various categories, acknowledging the importance of both manufacturing and the service industries. A lifetime achievement award was also made to Paul Sabapathy.


1 Dr Beverly Lindsay, Paul Sabapathy, Narinder and Ninder Johal

2 Michelle Cotterill, Rebecca Simkiss, Sharonjit Clare, Jane Kemp, Sarah Middleton, Nicola Fleet Milne, Fiona Thomson

3 Jatinder Paul, Deborah Cadman

4 Danny James, Luke Withers, Praveen Gupta, David Baldwin, Amarjit Dhadwal, Shaun Knight

5 Narinder Johal, Rin Ryan, Andy Street

6 Wayne Langford, Richard Butler, Philip Plowden

7 Mark Dyer, Jon Goddard, Ben Robinson, Simon Priest, Christie Wedge, Ami Athwal