Big Sleuth launch

First designs unveiled for public art project in aid of children’s hospital

More than 150 business professionals from across the city came together as the Big Sleuth’s first sculpture designs were laid ‘bear’. They were treated to a glimpse of the four Sun Bears, which will be among 100 colourful bruins on display all over Birmingham next summer. The Big Sleuth – so named because a group of bears is called a sleuth – is the sequel to the Big Hoot organised by creative producers Wild in Art, which raised more than £500,000 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity


  1. Louise McCathie, Holly Chapple-Hyam, Rebecca Phillips
  2. Bindi Manku, Kirsty Evans, David Pardoe
  3. Kate Brown, Leanne Franklin, Nienke Verwer
  4. Tim Rudman, Claire Considine, Charles Lu
  5. Morris McKinley, Donna Kerrigan, Guy McKinley
  6. Holly Barry, Assia Sohaibd, Steve Hewlett, Paul Barnett
  7. Holly Kerrigan, Ed James
  8. Arron Bird, Kerry Fisher
  9. Nicholas Davies, Sarah-Jane Marsh, Charlie Langhorne
  10. Vij Randeniya, Cllr Carl Rice, Dame Christine Braddock
The Big Sleuth