New World versus Old World in first of Friday night showdowns

Hotel Du Vin enjoyed another of its legendary Friday night wine dinners. Co-hosted with master sommelier Nigel Wilkinson, guests enjoyed an excellent meal with a selection of fine wines as they attempted to answer the question that divides wine lovers and experts alike ¬– which is better, New World or Old World wine? Hotel general manager Tony Elvin said: “It was a wonderful evening and sets us up nicely another season of wine dinners.”

Photography by Jas Sansi


1 Nigel Wilkinson, Tony Elvin, Nico Anti

2 David Prior, Lisa French, Julie and Henry Noon

3 Liz Smith, Gary Newbon, Deb Coles

5 Sam Slingsby, Emma McKinnet, Sam Taylor

6 Paul and Shobhna Browne

7 Derek and Joanne Hollyoak

8 Lucy Elvin, Anita Champaneri