Adam’s, Waterloo Street

When you eat at a Michelin-starred restaurant there’s an expectation of culinary greatness, so a trip to Adam’s had us salivating and checking out the menu three days in advance.

Having been to the launch party and numerous events, we’d never actually dined in the restaurant. I don’t know what we’ve been doing with our lives either!

Firstly, Champagne and nibbles in the bar. We’ve sampled many a Michelin-starred nibble and can only assume that when the inspector visited he wasn’t served chewy crisps served with a chef-y drizzle of sticky balsamic glaze. Not the start we’d anticipated and the sort of thing that made us feel we were missing something. Maybe we were.

The restaurant was buzzing and we had a great table on the edge of the action. As wine lists go, this one’s a corker. We’ve become enamoured with American chardonnay recently and plumped for a 2014 La Crema from the Sonoma Valley (£52) which hit the spot nicely.

Having gone off tasting menus in favour of choosing our own nosh, we ordered from the three-course menu (£65) of which every single dish sounded like a winner. The ‘nibbles’ at the table – a perfect pink macaron of beetroot with horseradish and a superb unctuous meaty bon bon – reignited our excitement about what was to come and almost obliterated crispgate.

Mackerel with crab, avocado and wasabi was a delicate, beautiful plate that packed a flavour punch too. Monkfish with wild mussels, Champagne and samphire was incredible with a lemony gel atop of the fish that worked brilliantly.

Guinea fowl with shiitake mushrooms, smoked potato and braised leek was a stunner with the smokey potato balancing a tartness in the sauce that would have taken over otherwise. Really clever. Herdwick hogget with pea, mint and courgette was just delicious and our fellow diner’s stand out dish.

My stand out dish – and this has never happened – was dessert. Not one of those sweet-toothed types, I tolerate pud when required, but could happily eat Adam’s passe crassane pear with toasted hay, caramelia and praline at every meal forever. I can’t describe what was happening on the plate, but trust me, it was joyous. Simple, light perfection. I didn’t sample the friend’s chocolatey, salted pecan affair as he polished off the lot looking very pleased with himself.

There’s no doubt this is one classy establishment that Birmingham should be super proud and supportive of. We left feeling utterly spoilt by both the brilliant staff and the incredible food.

Adam's, New Oxford House, Waterloo Street, Birmingham, B2 5UG. Tel: 0121 643 3745