A boogie-woogie birthday celebration

Two decades of success celebrated with a ‘knees-up’ at the Jam House

Those were the days!  Was it really 2 years ago when the Jam House celebrated its 20th anniversary with a ‘good old knees-up’ with many of the characters that contributed to its two decades of success. Guests enjoyed Tanquery on tap supplied by Diageo, sweeties, canapes and mini-burgers, washed down with boogie-woogie from local legends Dino Baptiste and Phil Sayer. Manager John Bunce said: “This milestone makes us reflect on all the good times with the great international stars we’ve worked with, talented local musicians, hard-working bar staff, waiters and chefs – and above all the customers.”


1 Birmingham Chinatown Lions

2 Cissy Stone, Des Tong

3 Dino Baptiste, Phil Sayer

4 Felicity Martin, Ian Shirley

5 John Bunce

6 Roy Hemmings, Tessa Rhodes, Leonie Martin, Hannah Floyd, Denise O Neil

7 Maddie O’Donnel, Maya Watson

8 Pete and Wendy Mew, Tracey Minshull, Mick Rawlins