Wright Hassall quiz night

Quiz night tests business brains and raises cash for Wright Hassall’s trust

Business professionals from across the Midlands put their brains to the test and raised nearly £4,000 for charity as solicitors Wright Hassall hosted 33 teams for an annual quiz night held at the firm’s Olympus Avenue offices. Victors were a team from RBS, although the main winner was the Wright Hassall Charitable Trust which benefited from £3,894 raised through entry fees and a raffle. The trust was launched in 2012 and supports charities and good causes in the area, often with which a member of staff at the firm has a close


  1. Richard Lane, Monica Macheng, Alex Robinson, John Rouse
  2. Ian Frost, Dale Southworth, Sharan Athwal
  3. Dan Smith, Paul O’Reilly, Brian Coleman, Adam Hiscox
  4. Daniel Vaughan, Peter Barnes, Lee Basson, Bill Smith
  5. Sue Turner, Karen Beresford, Giles Garratt, Robert Lee, Steve Smith
  6. Nigel Steele, Elfed Evans-Jones, Russell Chapman, Alex Taylor
  7. John Rouse, Paul Brooksbank, Andy Russell
  8. Graham Collins, Roger Tay, Neil Jones
  9. Dan Worthing, Mike Divers, Tarryn Awerey, Thomas Meredith