Villa party at MPW

Business development event staged by Villa duo at Marco Pierre White

Sarah Cuer and Dianne Elsworth of the business development team at Aston Villa hosted a ‘Drinks in the City’ event at the Champagne Bar at Marco Pierre White. Sarah said: “It was great to catch up with some of our business contacts in such wonderful surroundings. Our thanks go to Kelly Talbot, sales manager at Hotel Indigo, for her hospitality.”

Photography by David Morphew


  1. Dan and James Neal
  2. Sarah Arnold, Tessa Rhodes, Anup Shokar
  3. Sam Taylor, Sarah, Spencer and Nicola Turner, Sam Slingsby
  4. Laura Best, Simon Burge, Susan Sanhi, Amarjet Snehi
  5. Tom Queenan, David Hastings, Joanne Farrah, Jake Ellson
  6. Fergal Dowling, Rachel Flanagan, Anthony Taylor, Bryan Manley-Green
  7. Gaz Palmer, James Tough
  8. Dita Sen-Gupta, Satel Naik
  9. Jamie De Souza, Dianne Elsworth, Nikki Fryer, Sue Wilde-Greer