Top garden returns home

Official unveiling sees Leamington’s Chelsea winner returned to glory

A garden that captured the essence of Royal Leamington Spa and went on to wow visitors at the Chelsea Flower Show is back home. A year on from winning a silver medal at the show, the garden has been brought back to life in Jephson Gardens for residents and visitors to enjoy. It was officially unveiled at an event hosted by BID Leamington. Its executive director Stephanie Kerr thanked everyone involved in the project, which included more than 85 local businesses.


  1. Stephanie Kerr, MP Chris White, Heather Calver, Sarah Horne
  2. Chris White, Sarah Horne, Colin Hooper, Alison Hooper, Gail Hulett-Archer
  3. Emlyn Evans, Jonathan Smith, Cathryn Smith
  4. Kelly and Alan Green
  5. Maggie Jones, Clive Sanderson with Bono
  6. Colin and Sandie Scamp
  7. Julie and Mike Jones, Ray Marshall
  8. Kelvin Sprague, Alison Shaw, Maxine Howe