The One Elm

There’s something about Sunday lunch that makes the most accomplished of restaurants fall down – which is why we prefer lunching at home by a country mile. However, we’re always happy to be proved wrong because let’s face it, Sunday lunch is one hell of a faff to have to prepare and cook.

So, veering from our usual Brummie patch, we gave Stratford a whirl in the form of One Elm, sister pub to The Highfield at Edgbaston.

In your wildest Sunday lunch dreams there’s probably a dedicated person delivering extra yorkies and roasties to your table whenever you feel like it… right? And a generous jug of super-charged gravy to slather over your plate with gay abandon. A courtyard bathed in sunlight all afternoon long? Comforting puds and delicious ice cream in waffle cones if you fancy? Yes please!! Well, say hello then to One Elm.

We spent a lot of time in our youth sunning ourselves in the beer garden at The Sun Inn on Clapham Common. One Elm has the same sort of relaxed, easy vibe and managed to transport us back to 1999 except with two children in tow, a designated driver and food – we didn’t eat much in 1999. We could’ve stayed all day. Lively, relaxed, unpretentious and packed full of rustic charm, One Elm ticked a lot of boxes and the locals clearly love it too.

Was it the best Sunday lunch we’ve eaten? Probably not. The roasties could’ve been crunchier and the lamb was a bit too rare for us, although the beef and pork were spot on. Stuffing balls packed a punch and the yorkies were dreamy and plentiful. The gravy was a winner and puddings were fantastic and more importantly we had a great time.

It felt like a home-from-home, which I guess is what you want for a Sunday. A nod to the charming, happy staff too who added to the warmth of the place and were either very content or very good actors. Either way, it made for a super Sunday.

One Elm, 1 Guild Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6QZ. Tel: 01789 404919