The Edgbaston: timeless elegance

The Edgbaston gives opening night guests a taste of the Twenties

Guests were taken back to the elegance of the 1920s at the opening night of The Edgbaston, the exclusive new cocktail lounge and six-bedroom boutique hotel in Highfield Road, Edgbaston. Owners Stuart and Darren Insall, who also run the The Kenilworth boutique hotel and cocktail bar, worked with top designer Tony Matters from Heterarchy to create a modern take on an art deco style while still paying homage to the building’s Victorian roots. “The Edgbaston offers guests a unique refuge of timeless elegance, unwavering taste and unrivalled care and courtesy,” said Stuart.


  1. Ben and Kate Foster, Zoe and Maik Taylor
  2. Charlotte Harper, Stuart Insall, Mark Lee
  3. Chris and Charlotte Chandler, Kash Khan, Sally Morrall
  4. James Atherton, Jo Malin, Mark Gribbon
  5. Jan Johnson, Roger Frank, Hilary Mythen
  6. Judi Gilbert, Phil Birch, Celine Gittens, Kit Holder
  7. Noreen and Roger Birchell, Amanda and David Johnson
  8. The Edgbaston
The Edgbaston, Highfield Road