The Club and Spa, The Cube

As I walked through a throng of office workers trudging into the city on a Monday morning, I felt guilty about skipping off to spend the day at a spa.

I tried to contain my excitement for fear of upsetting any especially miserable commuters. The guilt didn’t last long. Stepping into the clubandspa was like getting off a plane in a hot country. The atmosphere and the heat were immediately relaxing. I was met by Charlotte who was friendly and professional. She ran through my schedule, the treatments and showed me around the facilities which were fabulous. The Laurent Perrier nail bar is fuchsia pink girlie heaven, the Soul Space is a calm, softly lit room perfect for yoga and the Urban Room is ideal for a more energetic sweaty workout. The spa area is dark and restful with a lovely pool, steam room, sauna, salt halotherapy which I’m convinced cured my cold, rasul mud room and cocoon-like relaxation pods that hang from the ceiling.


I filled out the customary health check form. I’ve had many spa treatments since I was diagnosed with MS a few years ago and not one therapist has ever mentioned it or questioned whether the treatment would be appropriate. Charlotte highlighted it and asked me how it affected me and whether she would need to adjust the pressure of the massage - I was really impressed. I opted for two treatments – a Back Wrap with Aromatic Moor Mud and Back Massage followed by Warm Lava Shell Muscle Massage which is a full body massage that promised to release tension and alleviate stress. Perfect. I changed into a fluffy white robe and slippers and made my way to the treatment room. It’s a bit of a rabbit warren and I lost my way a couple of times, but once there it was very relaxing.

I have friends who like to chat through treatments. I’m not one of those. I like to drift off and say nothing and this was perfect. Although I had two separate treatments they rolled into one and complimented each other beautifully. The heated mud felt luxurious and smelled gorgeous. Not a fan of deep tissue massage, (I once cried after a harsh reflexology session in Kuala Lumpar) Charlotte had listened and the pressure was perfect for me. Being wrapped up felt a bit odd mainly because of the sound of the material. It was like tissue paper being scrunched up over and over, so it disturbed the peace for a few minutes. Once I was unwrapped it was time for the warm lava shells. The shells are actually tiger clams from the Philippines which are pretty and incredibly smooth. They are heated and unlike hot stone therapy they retain their heat throughout the treatment so there’s no need to keep replacing them which makes the massage seamless.

I felt super chilled and sleepy afterwards. I relaxed in the treatment room for a while and then curled up with a good book in one of the relaxation pods. It’s hard to describe the feel of the cocoons – womb like probably does it justice.


For lunch I chose a delicious tuna nicoise salad in The Lounge restaurant where there was a mixture of spa goers in fluffy robes like me and people in office wear who’d popped out for a bite to eat. And strangely that felt perfectly normal.

I was so relaxed I glided home effortlessly without getting cross about things that would usually niggle like being cut up by other drivers or getting stuck in traffic. Not fazed at all.

The Club and Spa, The Cube, Mailbox District, Birmingham B1 1RN tel: 0121 643 2200