The Chameleon

Having had some cracking nights out at The Chameleon, I thought it was about time I tried it out during daylight hours.

The interior still has the glamour and drama of a night spot, but with floor to ceiling windows and loads of space it’s light and airy enough to work for lunch too. We arrived in the middle of the heat wave, so the tapas inspired menu suited our mood completely.


Relieved to escape the midday sun, we were greeted by cool air conditioning and a very cheery waitress. Bread, olives and a chilled glass of Gavi arrived as we considered the menu. The small sharing plates all sounded gorgeous, so we took a lead from the waitress who was either genuinely very excited about the new menu, or is a very good actress. Either way her enthusiasm was welcome. She recommended three small sharing plates, a salad and the monkfish skewers from the large plates. It sounded like a lot of food for two, but we went with it.


The lamb kofta served in a rich tomato sauce was first to arrive and was really tasty. Lots of seasoning and the spice of cumin worked a treat. Succulent prawns with herbs and garlic were delivered to the table sizzling on a hot plate with some griddled bread. They were very tasty too, although we probably could have done without the bread. The mozzarella and tomato salad was perfect. The pulled pork croquette didn’t look pretty, but tasted absolutely gorgeous and was the star of the show for both of us. The chorizo and monkfish skewers were served with a zingy pineapple and mango salsa that was refreshing and light. Perfect summer nosh.


We were both pretty full, but felt we ought to try dessert. JC ordered a passion fruit panna cotta, while I opted for cheese. The panna cotta was creamy, passed the wobble test and worked well with sharp passion fruit. The cheese board was good. The cheddar in particular was great and the chutney was lovely. With no room even for peppermint tea, we thanked our happy waitress and waddled off into the sun drenched street.

Clearly we’d over ordered. Three small plates and a salad would have been perfect for us, but I do think The Chameleon is onto a winner. The food is delicious, social, fun and fast so it’s easily do-able in an hour if you’re dashing back to the office.

The Chameleon 1, Victoria Square, Hill St, Birmingham B1 1BD tel: 0121 643 2233,