Taste of Summer at Hotel Du Vin

Guests invited to sample great new menu by general manager Tony Elvin

On the first hot summer’s night of the year, the team at Hotel du Vin held a sophisticated soiree to show off their new summer menu. GM Tony Elvin invited some special guests to try canapés from the new menu with a wonderful selection of matching dishes. The new menu features fresh tasting dishes, including scallops ceviche, limousine beef carpaccio and a lovely peach and almond tart.


  1. Tony Elvin, Nicola Fleetmilne, John James
  2. Karen Saffarian, Terry Michael, Mark Panayides
  3. Mark Rose, Jonathan Carter, Anita Champaneri
  4. Sheila Kelly Trow, Zara Goodwin
  5. Sinita Kandola, Faye Yee Van Heeren
  6. Sonia Parker, Gail Orton
  7. Tony Warner, Phil Innes, Rachel Pennington
  8. Zuzana Kunertova, Tim Rose