Taste of Spain for Calthorpe Estate

Tapas on menu as new restaurant hosts networking event for Calthorpe Estates

A Calthorpe Business Alliance event took place at El Borracho de Oro, the new Spanish tapas bar and restaurant on Harborne Road, Edgbaston. Estate team members welcomed more than 100 guests from local businesses across the Calthorpe Estate to the networking lunch. They were given an update on news and events across the Estate, including The Village, Edgbaston while enjoying a tapas lunch with refreshments.

Photography by Vivienne Bailey


  1. Heidi Ferguson, Mark Lee, Maria Clune
  2. Nicky Smith, Gordon Tyler, Jonathan Carter, Annelle Rowlands
  3. Ellie Coen, Alex Tross, Emma Davenport, Ross Bendall
  4. Sinead O’Herlihy, Max Malic, Saba Iqbal, Cathy Bradshaw
  5. Peter Hodgson, Ralph Minott
  6. Sarah Robinson, Adrian Corry, Jayne Herritty
  7. Richard Brannigan, Robert Bray, Jo Kirk, Nick Ellson
  8. Elizabeth Rose
  9. James Ward, Irene Pemberton, Amina Hussain