Steel and Jelly launch

Cyrille Regis is the model of style at Steel & Jelly’s big launch party

More than 200 guests attended the launch of the new Steel & Jelly flagship store at Grand Central. They were treated to cocktails, tapas and live music while former local football legend Cyrille Regis turned model to preview Steel & Jelly’s latest clothing collection. Steel & Jelly is a family business established in Birmingham in 2004 and owner Nish Thakrar said: “In line with our recent programme of expansion we are very excited to have opened our new store in Grand Central.”


  1. Gora, Nish Thakrar, Omar Allibhoy
  2. Mike Lister, Julia Regis, Cyrille Regis, Laclan Macpherson
  3. Hannah Cossar, Rachel Wolstenholme
  4. David Wheeler, Suresh Kumar-Dhir
  5. Kirit Thakrar, Rebecca Williams, Jeanette Wong, Shaks Kurshid
  6. Krishna Thakrar, Satish Thukrac, Kirit Thakrar
  7. Matthew Kinnes, Damian Navas
  8. Tony and Elizabeth Taylor