Squah it!

Fast, fun and one of the best workouts you can have Squash is great sport to play and one of the best ways to improve your fitness – which makes a recent decision to ditch it from the Olympic Games in favour of surfing all the more bizarre!

According to national governing body, England Squash and Racketball, more than 500,000 people play the sport on a regular basis. It’s certainly flourishing at centres such as Edgbaston Priory Club, one of the most successful squash and racketball clubs in the country, where head coach Mike Edwards reports continuing interest, especially in beginners’ courses like Give It A Go. The secret to the popularity of squash is simple – it’s fast-moving, easy to learn, can be played by all ages and delivers an excellent cardiovascular workout. It frequently tops surveys to find the best sport for fitness and good health, and here’s why:

Work Every Muscle Group

Squash can help to build strong, shapely leg and bum muscles – the sports require lots of dynamic lunging which will give you that toned look. Moving to and hitting a ball that is also moving helps strengthen the back and shape the abdominals.

Burn Calories

Going to the gym is all well and good but it’s, well, a bit boring! Squash is a great alternative to running on a treadmill or pushing it on an exercise bike. You can burn around 650 calories per hour on court and not even realise you are doing so!

Have Fun

As well as developing your fitness levels, squash will help you develop your social network. You’ll get as much enjoyment out of the drink in the bar afterwards as you do from the competition on the court.

It’s Quick

You only need a 30 minutes to get a great all-round workout. So even the busiest people can fit it in around work, university, family and other commitments. You can even squeeze a game in on your lunch break!

For All Ages And Abilities

Juniors, adults and seniors can all enjoy a session on the court. And you don’t need to be super-star status. Squash delivers for everyone from knock-about amateurs to serious professionals.

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