Sabai sabai celebration

Husband and wife team marks decade of success and Thailand’s festival of lights

Sabai Sabai hosted a double celebration to mark the 10th birthday of the restaurant group and Thailand’s Loy Krathong festival of lights. Husband and wife team Torquil and Juree Chidwick held a champagne reception for local businesses. The couple opened the first branch of Sabai Sabai in Moseley in 2004 and the second in Harborne in 2011. Both restaurants have proved successful with their authentic Thai cuisine and service.


  1. Anita Champaneri, Torquil and Juree Chidwick
  2. Andrew Fox, Suzanne Virdee
  3. Philip Singleton, Loretta Gibson
  4. Claire Reeves, Marc Reeves, Elijah Choo
  5. Jonathan Carter, Sheila Kelly Trow
  6. Sacha Brooks, Phil Oldershaw
  7. Parv Gandham, Sunny Sharma
  8. Bittu Sall, Sinead O’Herlihy, Richard Vickery, Anita Champaneri
Photography by Js Sansi