Rudy’s Rare Records at REP

It’s dancing all the way as comedy stars turn out in force at the REP

Guests enjoyed a star-studded first night party after the comedy play Rudy’s Rare Records starring Lenny Henry opened at Birmingham REP. The performance received rave reviews, as did the celebrations which followed as DJ Simon Fox ensured there was dancing late into the night. They were joined by Lenny and members of the cast, who included Larrington Walker, Joivan Wade, Lorna Gayle, Natasha Godfrey and Jeffery Kissoon.


  1. Tessa Walker, writer Danny Robins, Roxana Silbert
  2. Ruby Turner and Lenny Henry
  3. Larrington Walker, Jeffery Kissoon, Dennis Seaton
  4. Joivan Wade, Jacqui Francis
  5. Jeffery Kissoon, Paulette Randall, Patrick Robinson
  6. Milorad Zakula, Kelly Knight, Avi Lasarow
  7. Lucy Dwyer, Victoria Ellery-Jones, Jess Wolinski
  8. Sharon Foster, Natasha Godfrey, Lorna Laidlaw, Judy Owen
  9. Ira Phedon, Sabra Khan, Roulla Xenides, Paul Phedon
Photography by Graeme Braidwood