Reuben Colley launch

Reuben Colley brings exciting new artistic direction to Colmore Row

An award-winning Birmingham artist who has enjoyed sell-out exhibitions in London and his home city welcomed guests to the opening of a new art gallery in Colmore Row. Reuben Colley will be displaying his paintings alongside works from masters such as Picasso, Lowry, Warhol and Damien Hirst. Reuben Colley Fine Art gallery manager, Tim Ison said: “Birmingham city centre needs an independent art gallery which is willing to push boundaries. Reuben has the passion and Colmore Row is the perfect location for us.”


  1. Steve Sanders, Joanna Colley, Steve Tamplin
  2. Tom Leaver, Abby McKay-Hipwell
  3. Diane Benussi, Paul Bassi
  4. Simon Thompson, Philippa Pickavance
  5. Linda Leaver, Andy Leaver, Darren Leaver, Steve Withers, Clare Withers
  6. Grace Sanderson, Sam Leaver, Felix Waters
  7. James Byrne, Annette Pugh, Anthony O’Rorke
  8. Phil Newland, Monica Mackintosh, Nigel Baker
  9. Paul and Jennie Anderson
  10. Reuben Colley, Mark Waters
Reuben Colley Fine Art, 85-89 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BB