RBS Economic Event

Cultural shifts highlighted at economic event hosted by RBS

The changing culture of business in the region was on the agenda at an economic event held by the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce in partnership with recruitment and people development agency Katie Bard. Hosted by the Royal Bank of Scotland, it provided 80 guests with a detailed look at the latest results of the GBCC’s Quarterly Economic Survey. John Mortimer, chief executive of the Angela Mortimer group, Dr Steve McCabe, director of research degrees at Birmingham City Business School and RBS economist Marcus Wright were among speakers.


  1. Jerry Blackett, Marcus Wright, Dr Steve McCabe, John Mortimer
  2. George Barbrook, Julie O’Hare
  3. Mike Tresham, Neil Visani, Mark Smith
  4. Stephen Robinson, Mark Round
  5. Verity Stokes, Louise Bennett
  6. John Lamb, Peter Maskell
  7. David Baker, Tony Hickson