Pushkar, Broad Street

Having perused the new library and feeling proud of our great city, JC and I skipped across Broad St to the north Indian restaurant Pushkar for a bite.

We were greeted with a warm welcome by the lovely Rocky who showed us to our table. The gold and cream interior of the restaurant was immaculately finished with clear attention to detail. For instance, the menus were waiting for us at the table in their own cream and gold mock croc ‘beds’, which was a cute touch.

We looked at both the a la carte and the lunch menus and decided we fancied a bit of both which Rocky was happy to accommodate. He talked us through the menu, asked us about our threshold for spice and advised us on what might best suit our palate. He then suggested a wine to match the food – a New Zealand sauvignon.


The customary poppadoms were pimped up with some great accompaniments, my favourite being the pickled vegetables. To start, I opted for masala crab cakes from the a la carte menu, which were spiced with ginger, chilli, lime and a hit of coriander. Delicious and fresh tasting, the crab cakes worked well with the heat of an accompanying fiery sauce. JC chose the cold starter, dahi puri chaat which was new to both of us. Delicate shells of pastry were filled with a tangy mix of potatoes and chick peas topped with sweet yoghurt, tamarind and a type of vermicelli. Beautifully presented it tasted just as it looked – refreshing, delicate and fruity. Probably the stand out dish.


JC chose the traditional north Indian dish chicken makhanwalla.  A mild, creamy, tomatoey and slightly sweet dish. Whereas I chose the fiery lamb dal ghosht. The lamb was unbelievably tender and heat of the dish was perfect for me. We’d been listened to and well advised as all the dishes suited our individual tastes.


Who could pass on a dessert called chocomosa? Not me. Two mini samosas filled with gooey dark chocolate perched on caramelised banana proved a sticky, scrumptious end to a lovely meal.

Pushkar’s attention to detail was top notch. Everything from the décor and ambience to the menus and food was beautifully packaged. Add to that attentive service and it’s an all-round winning combination.

Pushkar, Broad St, Birmingham B1 2HQ Tel: 0121 643 7978 www.pushkardining.com