Purrfect evening for Leading Ladies

Record-breaking show’s opening night sees Leading Ladies out on the prowl

Leading Ladies turned into networking alley cats at the opening night performance of the record-breaking smash-hit, Cats. With 30 companies represented, the room was alive with cross-sector conversation and the exchange of business cards. A prize draw raised nearly £1,000 for Hippodrome Plus. ‘The Cats who got the cream’ winners walked away with flowers grown in Birmingham by Tuckshop Flowers, treatments by local skincare specialist Judi Gilbert and a winner’s wrap treat from Sarah Piercy of Forever. Sweet treats and styling were supplied by Amanda Plester at AVA Events Styling.


  1. Tallulah Sunrise, Melanie Tweddle, Brid Bickerton
  2. Sarah Piercy, Gaynor Powell, Alex Brady
  3. Sharon Goodwin, Adelaide Heagney, Rosemary Griffiths, Melanie Palmer, Kathleen Roche, Debbie Matthews
  4. Lisa Orton, Aikta Varna, Carole Patilla, Claire Newbold
  5. Rebecca Williams, Natalie Merrix
  6. Heather Griffin, Helen Mallard
  7. Claire Newbold, Helen Mallard, Heather Griffin, Bonita Trimmer, Victoria Emery, Rosie Kidder
  8. Kate Warnaby, Judi Gilbert
  9. Tania Derritt-Smith, Lina Higuita, Jackie Hendley
Photography by Vivienne Bailey