Press Club lunch

Television Presenter of the Year Julie Etchingham was guest speaker at a Birmingham Press Club Celebrity lunch held at the award-winning Le Monde restaurant in Brindley Place, Birmingham.

Julie, who is an Ambassador for The Journalists’ Charity, was installed as an Honorary Life Member of the Press Club, receiving the Club’s traditional bugle – created by craftsmen at Jewellery Quarter-based Acme Whistles – from Club president Bob Warman.

Photography by Ian Tennant


  1. Ed James, Hira Tabasum
  2. Tony Taylor, Neil Wilson, Fred Bromwich, Bernard Shepherd
  3. Kevin Pashby, Llewela Bailey, Clive Reeves
  4. Derek Inman, Bob Warman, Julie Etchingham, Laurie Upshon
  5. Bob Norton, Julie Etchingham, John James
  6. Julie with Mr & Mrs Ian Greaves
  7. Jodie & Lois Burley, Julie Etchingham, Adrian Kibbler
  8. Brian Conway, Julie Etchingham, Kay Alexander, Joanne Malin