Perfect morning workout

 The New Year is here and we all have aspirations to get fitter, stronger and healthier in 2013, says Garry Kerr

But finding the time can be difficult, so here’s a short and sharp workout to start your day and help burn away those calories.

 We all know good exercise classes are invigorating and put you in a good mood. So what better way to start the day than with this quick military fitness program to wake up the mind and body as soon as you get out of bed?

  • 50 Jumping Jacks  A great way to warm up gently taking your body from asleep to awake. Make sure you clap at the top and slap your thighs at the bottom to ensure a full range of motion.
  • 40 T-rotations (20 per arm)  While in the press-up position reach under your body as far as you can then up to the sky looking at the hand at the top. This warms up the shoulder, engages the core and stretches the chest.
  • 30 Sprinters (both knees equals 1 rep)  Staying in the press-up position bring one knee to the opposite elbow then change, building up the pace to a ‘sprint’, twisting at your hips and doing your best to touch the each elbow.
  • 20 Press-ups  Keep your core engaged the whole time, make sure your hands are not in front of the shoulders. Aim for full range of motion, your chest touching the floor and arms fully extended at the top.
  • 10 Burpees  Everybody’s favourite exercise! Bring your knees to your elbows and bum to your heels before driving up to the sky. Straightening your body in the air, as soon as your feet touch the ground, allow gravity to pull your bum back to your heels then shoot your feet back out engaging your core while landing in a strong press-up position.

 Complete all exercises in quick succession moving from one straight into the other and start your day right. If you do this three times per week for four weeks you will start to feel and see the real benefits. Also try timing how long it takes to complete so you can measure your progress.

Garry works at British Military Fitness (BMF) and served in the British Army as a physical training instructor for eight years. He is a REPS level three advanced personal trainer. Visit