Moon Walk raises cash for BBAP

Chung Ying group gives Birmingham Big Art Project funds a £3,700 boost

Chung Ying Restaurant group held its annual Chung Ying Walk, celebrating the 2015 Chinese Moon festival and raising a record £3,700 for Birmingham Big Art Project. Starting at Chung Ying Central in Colmore Row, the event included a guided tour exploring the heritage of the city’s Chinese community and the history of the Moon Festival. Guests also enjoyed a Cantonese feast at Chung Ying Garden, where Indi Wouhra performed some swing classics live.

Photography by Jas Sansi


  1. Dominga Devitt, Glyn and Maggie Pitchford, Leah Naipaul
  2. Millie Wilby, Julie Ward
  3. Anita Champaneri, Maila Tablizo
  4. Jeremy Walker, Jonathan Carter, Mario Flanagan
  5. Glyn Pitchford, Mary Moore
  6. Sophie Webber, Steve Evans
  7. Emily Allen, William Wong, Abbie Thomas-Brown
  8.  Jonathan Hill, Sam Murray