Lover’s dish

Head chef Tom Robinson reveals his perfect recipe for romance

Looking for that special dish to romance to on Valentine’s Day? Tom Robinson, the head chef at The Forest at Feckenham, has put together this perfect, light offering which we know you’ll just love. Enjoy with a glass or three of your favourite wine… and cue soft lights and sweet music!


Sea Bass copy


  • 300/400g sea bass (whole – canoe cut)
  • 3 cooked new potatoes, cut in to quarters
  • 30g courgette, largely diced
  • 4 quarters marinated globe artichokes, quartered
  • 20g garden peas
  • 6 surf clams
  • 50ml vermouth emulsion (to make, see below)
  • 75g butter, cut in to 3 cubes
  • Watercress tips
  • Salt
  • White pepper


To make vermouth emulsion: Boil 60ml of vermouth. Once rapidly boiling, monte in 125g of butter to make a thick, buttery sauce.

To make dish: Line a tray with greaseproof paper and place the fish on top. Season the inside of the fish. Place the potatoes, courgette, artichokes and peas in to the cavity of the dish. Top with the clams, butter and drizzle of vermouth emulsion. Tin foil and bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Remove from tray and place on a serving plate. Drizzle with vermouth emulsion. Garnish with watercress tips.

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