Lift off for dance festival

Birmingham’s signature event will be bigger and better than ever for 2016

The 2016 Birmingham International Dance Festival was officially launched by DanceXchange and Birmingham Hippodrome at a reception at the House of Lords. The event was hosted by the Bishop of Birmingham, the Rt Rev David Urquhart, in his capacity as a trustee of Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre Trust. Since its launch in 2008, the festival has become a signature event for Birmingham. This year’s festival from 1 to 22 May will feature leading international dance companies on the city’s stages and in civic squares and streets.


  1. Rosie Kay, David Massingham, Aakash Odedra, Fiona Allan, Corey Baker
  2. Martin Guest, Joanne Malin, Carnette Richardson-Jacquet, Malcolm McGivan, Louise Teboul
  3. Jon Bentley, Judith Greenburgh
  4. Carnette Richardson-Jacquet, Piali Ray, Hannah Sharpe
  5. Aakash Odedra, Jeanette Siddall
  6. Kevin Johnson, Val Birchall, David Mead
  7. Dawn Prentice, Rosie Kay, Roxana Silbert
  8. Bishop of Birmingham David Urquhart
  9. Neil Webb, Corey Baker, David Massingham, Clare Lewis