Lifetime accoldae for Mr Radio

Club bestows highest honour on champion of airwaves Ed

Broadcaster Ed Doolan of BBC WM 95.6FM was inducted as an Honorary Life Member of Birmingham Press Club at its 150th anniversary lunch. The event, sponsored by Hollywood Monster and supported by Deliveroo, was attended by 130 guests who were shown a video tribute to Ed by Brummie comedian Jasper Carrott. Ed earned a reputation as the ‘People’s Champion’, pioneering social action broadcasting, becoming one of the most-listened to presenters and a member of the Radio Hall of Fame. Entertainment came from comedian Andy White of Birmingham’s Glee Club.


  1. Llewela Bailey, John Lamb, Lord Mayor Cllr Ray Hassall, Ed James, Fred Bromwich
  2. Kay Alexander, Brian Conway, Melissa Dickinson
  3. Ed Doolan, Ed James
  4. John Duckers, Peter Mathews, Hazel Horton- Peppercorn, John Lamb, David Dunckley
  5. Clive Reeves, Llewela Bailey, Sonya Bell, Kevin Pashby
  6. Jerry Johns, John James, Terry Field, Gerry Armes
  7. Chris Mair, Wayne Taylor, Jo Jeffries, Matt Roberts
  8. Jenny Wilkes, Helen Stevens, Neil Pountney, Matt Taylor, Dawn Roberts
  9. Ed James, Tim Andrews
Photography by Ian Tennant