Launch of Edgbaston First

Business, culture and sport team up to hear tourist call at Edgbaston Priory Club

Edgbaston Priory Club hosted a corporate networking lunch with guest speakers from Edgbaston First – a collection of businesses, cultural destinations and sporting venues that aims to promote Edgbaston as a tourist destination for visitors and residents. The lunch is one of a series run on a Friday in association with Birmingham Sytner and partners RLK Solicitors, Edge Creative and Arkade Property. Guests are invited to then finish the working week off with a swim, workout in the gym or even a game of tennis.


  1. Peter Fawcus, Judith Parry-Evans, Julie O’Hare, Jayne Herritty, Yousuf Miah
  2. Jane Jones, Louise Panayides, Sybilla Rose
  3. Holly Brisbane, Scott Callaghan, Judith Greenburgh, Satish Jakhu
  4. Paul Jones, Matthew Chapman
  5. Ben Woodall, Peter Shirley, Andrew Kay, Tessa Rhodes, Darryl Thomas
  6. Hannah Bracknall, Victoria Burgin, Jayne Herritty
  7. Robert Bray
Edgbaston First, tel 0121 440 2492