Lakeside launch at Genting

Amplify’s revamped restaurant adds dash of glamour to pre-show menu

Premium hospitality brand Amplify launched the newly refurbished Lakeside Lounge at the Genting Arena. The restaurant is a pre-show dining area reserved exclusively for the use of Amplify Club members and offers a sense of modern glamour, boasting contemporary furnishings alongside its waterside views. The transformation cost £500,000 and the restaurant now includes two bar areas, a dance floor, additional dining space and a private dining area for VIPs


  1. Guy Dunstan, Sally Walder, Andrew Criddle, Paul Thandi
  2. Hannah Bharier, Tasha Hartley
  3. Simon Rhodes, Ian Congdon, Alex Ginever, Ben Sharman, Katy Barton
  4. Pindi Bath, Paul Thandi, Annie Hill
  5. Diane and Nigel Blount, Solomon Smith
  6. Al Davis
  7. Tony Billingham and Carole Jenkins
  8. Jonathan and Sandra Hovers
  9. Trish and Mike Mellor