Izza Pizza, Selfridges Food Hall

When we’re in a protracted quandary over what to eat, we generally make a beeline for Selfridges food hall. It’s a strategy that has never let us down.

And while we rarely fancy pizza midday for fear of the post-lunch slump, a new year sale situation verging on apocalyptic meant that only carbs would do. Cue the twinkling golden pizza oven of Izza Pizza from the man behind Lasan, Ahktar Islam.

Firstly, the bases are sourdough, so that doesn’t count, right? It’s virtually lettuce. The 12-inch blistered discs proved thin yet doughy enough to do the job providing an ideal vehicle for some inventive and cutely named toppings like Tease ’n’ Onion and Pork Meats Fourk. We sampled the Fetish with feta, aubergine, red onion, courgette, olives, red bell peppers and green pesto sauce. Creamy feta with the roasted veggies and a fiery hit of red bell pepper was just lovely. We couldn’t taste pesto, but that wasn’t a problem.


The Tease ’n’ Onion was less flavour-packed, but tasty nonetheless. Goat’s cheese, caramelised onion, butternut squash and toasted pine nuts made for a winning combination that was subtle and moreish. Leading the charge on the classic toppings was prosciutto crudo with mozzarella balls, rocket and shaved parmesan. Simple and delicious.

We had children in tow, so welcomed the Young Pizzanaut menu which at £5.50 for a sensibly sized six-inch margherita pizza and ice cream was as competitively priced as anywhere in the city. The little people loved it.

A well thought out drinks menu, including soft drinks that didn’t seem like an afterthought, impressed. Service was fast and we could have easily been in and out and back at the desk in an hour if we’d needed to – and the bill was a pleasantly small surprise. The majority of pizzas are under a tenner which is pretty good for such a high-quality product.

Before Ahktar’s arrival, the site of Izza Pizza was a decent Italian restaurant serving good pizza, but what he’s managed to do is elevate the humble doughy dish to new heights. Izza’s motto ‘thin crust deep joy’ rings true here and we’ll be back for more.

Izza Pizza, Selfridges Food Hall, Upper Mall East, Bullring, Birmingham, B5 4BP. www.izza-pizza.co.uk