Hyatt’s new look

Exciting new in-house bistro pub hosts party for Birmingham VIPs

Leading city guests were treated to drinks, canapés and revelry as the Hyatt Regency Birmingham unveiled its £6 million refurbishment which has seen all of the hotel’s 319 luxury bedrooms, its ballroom, suites, and eight conference rooms undergo a complete revamp. The hotel has also created a new bistro pub, the Gentleman & Scholar, where guests enjoyed a themed photo booth and music by Andy Sachs. A prize draw raised money for the Hyatt’s charity partner, Birmingham Children’s Hospital.


  1. Mario Flanagan, Dr Dalvinder Ratra, Kanwar Ratra, Michael Gray
  2. Kirstie Ashworth, Kieron Moore, Bryan Manley-Green, Trevor Clarke
  3. Philip Singleton, Jodie Perry, Neil Anderson
  4. Joanne Brain, Kevin Urquhart
  5. Alan Sharman, Shelley Carter, Jenny Easton, Jonathan Carter
  6. Kieron Moore, Serena Tutt, Navneet Mangat
  7. Darren Bowkett, Chris Lear, Simon Brown, Mario Flanagan
  8. Elizabeth Martin, Beki Lamb, Elizabeth Dziergas, Kirstie Ashworth
  9. Lisa Cook, Jackie Hutchinson, Jacke Butler, Steve Elliott