Have a shot at tennis

With the world’s top women stars taking part in this month’s Birmingham Classic tournament, now’s a great time to pick up a racquet to boost your body and mind

The world’s top women’s tennis players are heading this month for the beautiful grass courts of Edgbaston Priory Club for the Nature Valley Classic. As the city prepares to welcome the stars, we’re tempted to pick up a racquet and have a go ourselves at this great sport.

OK, so we know our ability is some considerable way short of the Jo Kontas of this world, pictured, but playing tennis is just so good for body and mind. And here’s why…


Have a shot at Cardio Tennis – a great fitness class based around tennis skills. It’s a great calorie burner and aerobic workout and you don’t have to be any good at tennis to enjoy it! (It’s actually free as part of membership of Edgbaston Priory Club.)


The movements used in tennis give the body a great workout, toning and shaping muscles you never knew you had.


Learning to play tennis will keep your mind agile and all that fresh air is a great stress reliever! Edgbaston Priory Club offers Tennis Express courses throughout the year – a six-week introduction to all the basic skills.


Playing doubles is a great way to meet new people. Edgbaston Priory Club offers three Social Tennis sessions for members a week and lots of social tournaments throughout the year.

The Birmingham Classic is 16 to 24 June. Tickets are available to purchase online via the LTA’s Birmingham Classic website at https://www.lta.org.uk/major-events/birmingham-classic/tickets/ Join Edgbaston Priory Club and enjoy 50 per cent off the entrance fee plus a Free Tennis Express Course.