Gibson Kochanek birthday bash

Gibson Kochanek says a big ‘thank you’ to supporters a year after joining forces

Barbara Gibson and Marta Kochanek celebrated a year of Gibson Kochanek Studio with a cocktail party at Chung Ying Central on Colmore Row. The evening was an opportunity for the duo to say thank you to their clients and supporters as well as look ahead to the future. Barbara and Marta joined professional and creative photographic forces in spring 2014 and are based in the Jewellery Quarter.


  1. Barbara Gibson, Brian Simpson, Mike Mountfield, Michele Wilby, Marta Kochanek
  2. Jilly Cosgrove, Judith Greenburgh
  3. Paul Davies, Tim Venner
  4. Richard Morris, Will Wong, Marta Kochanek, Daniel Ricardo, Jason Boden
  5. Paul Phedon, Derek Matthews
  6. Mike Denston, Simon Harper, Steve Dunne
  7. Jonathan Bryce, Liz Newton
  8. Ines Pakosz
  9. Doreen Byrne, Samantha Murray
Photography by Violetta Seager