Fleet Street Kitchen, Summer Row

The Jewellery Quarter is everyone’s favourite part of town at the moment and it’s only going to become more popular

Once the new library opens and the old one comes crashing town, the ol’ JQ will be properly connected to the centre once again. As it stands, strangers to the city miss out on its red bricked beauty, trendy bars and pleasant eateries, not to mention the jewellery. The JQ really is the gem of the city and being the silly Brummies we are, we tend to keep it a secret.

Just on the edge of the JQ, on Summer Row you’ll find the Fleet Street Kitchen. It’s near to a handful of eateries and pubs including the Shakespeare and Après Bar. On a warm sunny afternoon, or during the week after work, this area is full of bright young things, putting off the journey home by soaking up the sun and booze. Fleet Street Kitchen is the area’s latest trendy arrival and so Lady C and I popped on our hippest rags and checked out its menu.


Fleet Street menu is powered by a barbacoa – a mechanised coal powered BBQ, which men dream of owning, but would never want to clean. This mighty contraption grills the restaurant’s chunky steaks and keeps the customers warm at the same time, as well as adding a touch of theatre to the proceedings. The interior is full of white tiles and glass, metal lampshades, cacti and granite top tables. There’s also a funky downstairs room for gigs, parties and clubbing and a nice decking areas overlooking the canal for the smokers to pollute themselves on. The owners, who also run Mechu and Après, have spent more than a few quid kitting out this place, suggesting a major commitment to the area.


We kept it simple and started off with some good homemade bread, herby butter and very pleasant black olives to accompany our red wine and Prosecco. I already had my mind on a steak and didn’t want to ruin my appetite with heavy starters. I opted for a sirloin steak on the bone, which came with a garnish of cherry tomatoes and a large flat mushroom. The meat arrived quickly after blast on the barbacoa and tasted great. The steaks on the bone are dry day aged for up 35 days to enhance their flavour and are on display in a glass cabinet if you’d like to choose. Our waitress suggested I try the FSK sauce which is one the BBQiest sauces I’ve ever tried, so much so I had to invent new word to describe it. The waitress also suggested I have a side of chips as the main dish comes without carbs. While I appreciate some people choose the avoid the chips, I would have thought this would be included. Meanwhile, Lady C was enjoying some fine fillets of sea bass which were served with some vegetables and noodles. She very much enjoyed them all and a quick taste of her fish proved to be very succulent and properly seasoned.


I hadn’t reckoned on desserts being as good as they were, but these were a truly lovely way to finish. Lady C chose the crème brulee, crunchy on top and super smooth and creamy on the inside. She said it was as good as she’s had anywhere, and trust me she’s tried a few. I went for the white chocolate cheese cake which had some tangy passion fruit squeezed on top. I normally wouldn’t want fruit with chocolate cheese cake but this worked brilliantly. The cheese cake wasn’t overly sweet but very creamy, the biscuit had crunch and the tangy passion fruit cut through it all. This was washed down with some good coffee – and Americano and a Latte – rounding off a fine meal.

Despite the mighty BBQ Fleet Street Kitchen possesses a somewhat feminine vibe and seems to be a happy place for ladies who like to lunch. At night time it has a more hipster feel and its substantial bar should help the good times roll. It’s not been open long and is worth a try for sure, I personally look forward to returning later in the year to see how it’s progressing.


Fleet street Kitchen, Fleet Street Islington Gates, Summer Row, B3 1JH Tel: 0121 236 0100 fleetstreetkitchen.co.uk