First class networking

Networking event adds a dash of style with catwalk showstoppers

Business professionals from the Birmingham and Solihull area attended a successful evening at the EDGE Forward networking event held at The St Johns Hotel, Solihull. As well as providing an excellent networking opportunity along with champagne and canapes, the 80 guests were treated to a catwalk show featuring the latest collections from Clements and Church and Sipsey Lingerie.


  1. Fredric Baxter, Donna Whitbrook
  2. Joan Smith, Sam Reader, Neil Walker
  3. Pete Hall, Sukhy Nijjar, Michal Jones
  4. Debra Wyatt, Daniel Skermer, Audrey Montgommory
  5. Angela Irvine, Mark Panayides, Ray McKibben
  6. Liane Denton, Tamara Cornish
  7. Rob Griffin, Michael Jones
  8. Modelling Clements and Church and Sipsey Lingerie