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Ashleigh Morgan enjoys a spa treatment with a little bit of a kick

In between transporting children to and from various activities, holding down a job and maintaining a happy household, the average woman doesn’t get thatmuch time to treat herself. For the lady of not so little leisure, beauty treatments have to be short and sweet. After several recent visits to rural spas and beauty salons, it was time to try a spa set in a bustling town, which is often the only answer for today’s busy woman. The Spa at Leamington is ideal for those who need to fit their treatments around their shopping.

On entering the double fronted building (which is far more spacious than its exterior would lead you to believe) I was shown to my treatment room by beauty therapist Hollie. It was the largest I’ve come across and would be ideal for those who want to enjoy a treatment with a friend. Based across four floors, all the rooms are on the plus size so there is plenty of space in which to relax. Focus was clearly given to comfort. My first treatment was a back massage which was simply delightful. The lounger I lay on was heated, which certainly made a difference to my experience. My muscles instantly relaxed, making it feel like my entire torso was enjoying some pampering, rather than just my back. Hollie worked to release some stress knots in my shoulders, and with each release, I felt my shoulders lowering and unwinding. For a quick way torelax, you simply can’t beat a massage. Every so often, some noise from the busy road outside would find its way into the room. However, considering the busy part of the town the Spa is located in, I was pleasantly surprised by how distant the traffic sounded. It certainly didn’t distract me from my key aim – pure indulgence.

Happily de-stressed, we moved swiftly on to my Environ facial. Listening to Hollie discuss the treatment, it sounded more like a scientific experiment than a beautifying technique so I was eager to see what it comprised. Electrical pulses are targeted to the areas of the skin where cells are born so that newly produced cells also gain the product. Active ingredients use molecules of Vitamins A and C that are so small, they can penetrate deep into the skin. When DNA in the face is damaged, it produces damaged cells (a key cause of ageing) but the molecules work to change damaged cells into healthy ones, repair cellular DNA and protect against further free radicals. Collagen in the skin is stimulated, giving users a healthy glow and softer, more youthful looking skin. The DF Ionzyne machine penetrates the products up to 4000 times more than a normal facial. It was certainly an odd sensation. After lotions were applied to my face, the electrical stick made first contact with my skin. I’m guessing it feels a little likean ultrasound scan on your face. I did feel a little tingling, rather like pins and needles in your face. Not unpleasant but definitely a once in a lifetime feel. A high pitched squealing was also emitted when it passed by my ear, although Hollie had also warned me that this could happen. Everyone’s reaction can be different. Although possibly not the most relaxing of treatments, the magic spoke for itself when I looked in the mirror. My skin felt a lot smoother, fresher and looked more plumped up and youthful. If you’re looking to experience something a bit different, I highly recommend it.

Feeling rather spoilt, it was on to the final part of my package. My first ever pedicure. Shamed as I am to admit it, I’d never really seen the point of pedicures. I’m not one for brandishing my tootsies. However, as soon as my feet were placed inside a warm foot spa, I felt as if I were in heaven. Hydrating clay was applied to my feet before I selected my colour – a bright summer red. By the time Hollie had worked her magic, they looked phenomenal and thoughts were already turning to where I could rapidly buy some sandals to show them off. I’m now a convert. For a relaxing treat without busting the bank or the clock, a mani or a pedi is the perfect solution.

The Spa at Leamington is perfectly placed for a quick beauty salvation. An exit to the car park at the rear also means you can avoid stepping back into the main street so your secrets can remain safe at the spa. The salon offers botox and specialist laser aesthetics alongside the more well-known treatments. A new private rasul chamber and hydrotherapy wet treatment areas are ideal for a couple of hours indulgence with the other half or a few girlfriends. For a quick, yet expert treatment with a difference, it certainly did the trick. 

The Spa at Leamington, 58 Clarendon Avenue, Leamington Spa telephone 01926 831101or visit www.thespaleamington.com