Edward’s Restaurant

In the last issue, a football pitch provided the backdrop for Sunday lunch and this month I found myself dining in an interiors store…

A mighty fine store, but still I expected one of those unappealing garden centre cafes charging over the odds for ropey coffee and substandard nosh. What I got was a properly kitted out restaurant with cosy banquettes, fabulous chandeliers, a fantastic private dining room and nice bar area. It was easy to shift the mindset from ‘I’m having lunch in a shop’ to ‘I’m out for lunch’. The impressive restaurant manager Michelle was keen to point out that the menu suits the clientele who are mainly 50-plus, so they serve a lot of traditional fare.


And what’s wrong with that? Who doesn’t hanker after a rich steak and ale pie now and then? There’s a big difference between traditional and old-fashioned and thankfully the menu was the former. I enjoyed creamy, comforting garlic mushrooms while JC’s fishcakes were crisp and full of flavour. The only minor gripe about the starters was that they were served on an odd-shaped plate sat on top of a round one so it all wobbled about a bit. There was the usual lunchtime fodder of sandwiches and paninis, but we snubbed them and embraced the comfort food. JC’s steak and kidney pie was rich and unctuous with delicate puff pastry and really good accompaniments. I polished off lemon cod bites which were crunchy and delicious served with peas, fluffy thick chips and tartar sauce.

The cakes looked amazing as did the afternoon tea which seemed very popular. We shared a caramel and toffee cake that Mary Berry would have been proud of and quaffed a perfect macchiato. It was pleasing to be so surprised by Edward’s. The service and the food were impressive and the décor stunning. It just felt really loved and nurtured. The only snag was while lunch was reasonable at less than £40 for two, it was quite difficult – OK impossible to leave the restaurant without spending a few hundred pounds on a gorgeous armchair…

Edward’s Restaurant at Cookes 28 Goosemoor Lane, Erdington, Birmingham B23 5PN. Tel: 0121 250 5050 www.edwardsbarandrestaurant.co.uk