East Z East opens

‘Home of Punjabi cooking’ comes to Brum with Broad Street restaurant

East Z East, the ‘home of Punjabi cooking’, celebrated the opening of its new Broad Street restaurant with a special launch party attended by VIP guests. The Manchester-based family-owned Indian business has expanded into the Midlands with their sixth restaurant. Managing director Kabir Rayman has promised an exciting culinary experience for Birmingham’s food lovers. The glamorous interior with its neon lighting is just as hot as the food!


  1. Kabir Rayman, Anita Champaneri, Tullah Khan
  2. Sam Jones, Tim Hamilton
  3. MTV’s Shelby Billingham with friends
  4. Anita Chumber, Jonathan Carter, Alok Mathur, Deana Uppal
  5. Owais Rayman, Khaleel Ahmed
  6. Desi Nach
  7. Luke Beardsworth, Anastasia Bates
  8. Deana Uppal, Farheen Hussain
  9. Leticia Paco, Petrina Johnson