Chinese New Year

Henry Wong and guests hail the Chinese New Year with dash of style and tradition

The Chinese New Year was celebrated in real style at one of the best parties in town at Henry Wong, Harborne. Specially invited guests enjoyed great food and cocktails and were also entertained by a traditional lion dance as the community ushered in the Year of the Sheep.


  1. Amid Alam, Marriane Liu, Ricky Wu, Gretchan Alam
  2. Joanne Yorath, Christine Bohemia, Lisa Steventon, Mary McGarry, Yasmin Ho
  3. Maggee Bott, Terry and Val Baxter
  4. Karine Hauser, Mark Gribben, Sheka Gandhi
  5. Laura and Nigel Wright, Marianne Liu
  6. Simon and Pamela Skett, Ruth and Barry Melson
  7. Gary Dodd, Julie Baker, Linda and Geoff Deeley
  8. Paul and Margaret Gaynham, Sally and Wilf Jones
  9. The Choy Lee Fut Dance Team
Credit: Photography by Jas Sansi