Celebrating 10 years at Opus

After 10 great years, it’s time to crack open the bubbly and let your hair down!

Opus at Cornwall Street celebrated its first 10 years in business at a celebration party. Guests were treated to a Champagne reception, hand-carved Paddock Farm pork, Aubrey Allen Tomahawk beef rolls and delicious dishes against a background of live music from funk and soul band Ma Brown’s Groove Box. A celebration cake designed and baked as a gift to Opus by culinary arts students at University College Birmingham was served to guests along with cupcakes to take home.

Photography by Dale Martin


  1. Irene Allan, Roman and Maralyn McAlindon, Ann Tonks, John Crabtree, Diana Crabtree
  2. Mike Kelly, Katie and Gary Newbon
  3. Victoria Platt, Nicky Cross, Nilima Patel, Beverley Perrott
  4. Phil Oldershaw, Gary Cardin, Clive Reeves
  5. Claire Fry, Lorna Phillips, Serena Tutt, Bradley Meersand
  6. Julia and Peter Maskell
  7. Ellasaid Woodhouse, Henry and Ann Tonks, Simon Smith
  8. Alex Tross, Dawn Roberts, Ashley Hancox
  9. Jog Hundle, Philip Singleton and Jill Mason