CBD meet John Clancy

Colmore district stakeholders hear from new council chief at reception

Recently-elected Birmingham City Council leader, Cllr John Clancy, addressed Colmore Business District stakeholders at a reception held at Hotel du Vin. Cllr Clancy used the gathering to issue a rallying call in which he urged business and civic leaders to step up to the challenges the city faces in light of Government cuts. He stressed that they did not need “council permission to represent their city”.

Photography by Jas Sansi


  1. Gavin Orton, John Clancy, Gary Gardin
  2. Paul Brown, Michele Wilby, Amardeep Gill
  3. Tony Green, Mike Best, Rob Valentine, Diane Benussi
  4. Ahmed Farooq, Kevin Johnson, Tim Andrews
  5. Lorraine Francis, Kay Dashti, Christine Cushing
  6. Sarah Skurr, Sarah Rennie, Debbie Welch
  7. Peter Lutzeier, Geoff Cole, Chris Wormwell, Mike Mounfield
  8. Bernard Shepherd, Tony Elvin
  9. Kevin Johnson, Jason Langford-Brown, Jackie Hendley