Brum’s best baubles

Looking for a little something to update your Christmas tree? Self-confessed bauble addict Corinne Card knows how to get your fix this year…

Decorating your Christmas tree used to be so simple: collect that big jangly box from the attic and just sling on all the old favourites. That was before the trend arrived for creating highly stylised, colour coded arrangements, and dressing your tree to impress. What might come as a relief to many is that old-fashioned nostalgia and traditional style tree decorations are back in vogue, so there’s no need to concern yourself if you’re happy with your well-worn box of baubles and tinsel. But what if you’re a Christmas tree virgin, or you’re looking for a change? We’ve collected some expert style tips and exciting decoration ideas to help you create a dazzling festive centrepiece for your home.


 The move towards traditional Christmas tree decorations emphasizes high quality, hand-crafted items which will last a lifetime. Thea Cutting, Ceramics Designer at Gallery Thea, says: “It’s all about creating a nostalgic feel this Christmas. As a backlash against the commercial Christmases of old, people increasingly choose homespun, handcrafted items over mass-produced.” Adding personalized, home-made items like clove oranges is a brilliant and potentially low-cost way to get that warm, fuzzy feeling from your tree. You’ll also find an amazing selection of traditional, hand-crafted decorations at Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market, which opened on November 15.


 Gone are the days of minimalist trees decorated strictly in one or two shades. This year, the best way to make an impact is to create an interesting, layered look with your tree by mixing and matching a range of different styles. Jo Fallon, managing director of Bollywood Christmas, says: “This season, be confident to mix and match. Buy some new decorations and blend them in with the decorations you already have for an ‘anything goes’ look.” This approach is ideal if you’re on a budget, says Fallon, as there’s no need to create a look from scratch. Just a few, well-chosen items can make the difference. “Maybe a couple of stand-out items to create a new feel,” she adds. “Beats the credit crunch and you don’t need a whole new look.”


 Reflecting the current fashion for animal-themed prints, animal motifs will also be popular when it comes to decorating this year’s Christmas trees. “Wildlife motifs have been popular all year and as we approach Christmas, I see this continuing,” says Cutting. “Certainly my reindeer baubles and my ‘seagulls in scarves’ motif are selling really well.” For some more wild and wacky ideas on how to decorate your tree, take a look at our favourite Christmas tree decorations this year in our selection of “mix & match: brilliant baubles”