Bring back brown furniture

Farewell flatpack, welcome back traditional wood

Take a look around you, and whether at home or work you won’t see a lot of ‘brown furniture’ about the place. Today’s styles dictate that everything had to be ultra-modern, clean, crisp and angular. But it hasn’t always been like this of course! Recent years have been hard on traditional furniture with many homemakers preferring more versatile and up-to-date pieces. This has been justified through every factor imaginable from the size and layout of modern homes and change of interior fashions to the decline of the American export market. But recent auction market reports and trade articles have attempted to halt the downward trend, encouraging campaigns to #BringBackBrownFurniture; sending collectors and traders rushing to the auction rooms to grab their bargains before the rest of the world clocks on.


The fantastic prices that are being achieved for Edwardian cabinets and mahogany tables in particular is an encouraging sign the market still appreciates pieces of fine antique brown furniture – and that the unspoken rule that open-plan, flatpack living is good homemaking is being questioned Trends of jewellery, fashion and accessories have voyaged through the vintage, retro and upcycled, leading buyers to invest in small well-crafted pieces. Now with more stability and reassurance appearing in the economy, young buyers and new collectors are becoming braver with their investments. They are venturing into the antiques market, currently brimming with fine quality, handsome pieces of brown furniture patiently waiting to come back into fashion. Hopefully they are glimpsing at a permanent upturn in the market, signifying that the many wonderful Victorian work-tables, corner cupboards and bureaus might soon find the loving homes they deserve.

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