Bosses head for the clouds

Businesses introduced to tech answer to financial headaches

Recruitment firm Haig&Co partnered with Synapse at an a event to introduce Cloud CFO – a tech solution for organisations drowning in spread sheets – to the finance and business community. Director of Haig&Co, Damian Navas, said: “The night was a wonderful opportunity to drive a truly revolutionary product and to see how easily businesses could benefit from it.” Synpase MD, Brian Donelly, added: “It was a great way to demo our new product and meet some fantastic people.”


  1. Tineke Booth, Damian Navas
  2. Bhovinder Nagra, Josef Baker
  3. Eleanor Murray, Jason Pitt
  4. Frank Barr, Sarah Harvey, David Williams
  5. Josie Byrne, Brian Donnelly, Dominika Sterninska, Lauren Haird
  6. Sarah Hunter, Jo Udy
  7. Vanessa Hill, Rachelle Tuft, Tineke Booth, Lauren Haird, Jane Dale
  8. Jamie Dunning, Sarah Harvey, Damian Navas, Tracey Byrne, Matt Rolfe