Birmingham Big Art Project

Charity walkers explore Chinese culture and boost bid for ‘iconic’ masterpiece

Birmingham Big Art Project held a charity fundraising walk to coincide with the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. The Chung Ying Walk took place from Colmore Row to China Town and explored the rich history of the local Chinese culture and community. The event which also featured a performance by Elements of Song raised more than £3,300 for the art project. Chairman Glyn Pitchford said: “It’s great that the Chinese community spearheaded this particular event. The project wants to create an iconic piece of art which will benefit all the communities of Birmingham.”

Photography by Jas Sansi


  1. James Wong, Dominga Devitt, WIlliam Wong
  2. Glyn Pitchford, Dominga Devitt, Tim Watts
  3. Jonathan Carter, Prithpal Saimbi, Tim Venner
  4. Dominik Strobel, Joanne Brain, Alessio Fidanzia, Mario Flanagan
  5. Mary Moore, Sue Behan, Wendy Choi
  6. Dan Gardner, Jeremy Walker, Vicky Osgood
  7. Peter Cooke, Bev Scott, Emily Scott, Stuart Scott
  8. Mike Kennedy, Veronica Kumeta, June and Tim Watts
  9. Lucy and Tony Elvin
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