Big Hoot Auction

Lots of excitement sees money rolling in at Big Hoot auction

An excited audience of serious bidders and interested onlooks made the Big Hoot auction, in aid of Birmingham Children’s Hospital’s £3.65million Star Appeal, an occasion to remember. The sale of the giant decorated owls which spent the summer in various locations throughout Birmingham raised more than £530,000, with £15,000 for G’owl’d by Temper going to Edward’s Trust and £7,800 for Fleet and Free going to Birchfield Harriers. Auctioneers Fieldings of Stourbridge took charge of the sale which was supported by Vodafone.


  1. Kerry and Arron Bird, Steve Hewlett
  2. Andy Price, Richard Mitchell
  3. Dan Attwal, Suchita Bakshi, Russ Parker
  4. Emily Bate, Claire Latham
  5. Taryn Jordan, Stuart Furguson
  6. Sally-Ann and Chris Wilkinson
  7. Susan McNally, Jane Anderson
  8. Kirsty Siviter, Hollie Orgee
  9. Scarlett Byfield, who designed the Sutton Coldfield Owl