Barrel of Laughs

Everything you ever wanted to know about beer, courtesy of Purecraft

The latest on-the-move networking event for Hippodrome’s Leading Ladies was hosted at Purecraft Bar & Kitchen. Beer sommelier and TV presenter Marverine Cole took on the challenge of proving that beer is just as much for the girls as the boys! The evening started with a twist as Purecraft’s Martin Hilton mischievously served Leading Ladies’ sponsors, members and their guests with welcome beer in champagne glasses. Other highlights included discovering beer’s favourable calorie count and experimenting with ideal food pairings. More than £1,000 was raised for Hippodrome CREATIVE.

Photography by Vivienne Bailey


  1. Martin Hilton
  2. Aneesah Atallah, Jessica Harper, Helen Benussi, Donna O’Neill
  3. Gaynor Powell, Claire Burnell, Alex Brady
  4. Lisa O’Keefe, Vicky Colliandris, Natalie Merrix
  5. Faith Walker, Marverine Cole, Martin Hilton, Claire O’Connor
  6. Kristie Loakes, Faith Brotherston, Sara Elwell
  7. Patricia Kennedy, Kimberley Owen, Veronica Kumeta, Cosette Wright