Barclays host Entrepreneurs for 21st Century

Experts pass on high growth advice at Entrepreneurs for 21st Century event

Barclays hosted an event entitled Entrepreneurs for the 21st Century at the Latitude Club, One SnowHill. More than 40 entrepreneurs listened to speakers and a panel of business experts debating the opportunities and challenges facing high growth businesses across the region. The guest speakers included Denys Shortt of DCS Europe, James Villareal of Glide Utilities Ltd, Professor Mark Hart of Aston Business School and Sandra Garlick of De Marco Business Advisers.

Photography by Dale Martin


  1. Ian Gardner, Ben Guilliford, Paul Fidoe
  2. Ian Reynolds, Rosie Gibbons, Joel Blake
  3. Sarah Offland, Sue Smith, Amy Seton
  4. Tim Virgo, Ian Tetsill, David Miller
  5. Ray O’Donoghue, James Leavesley, Denys Shortt
  6. Amanda Lowe, Rob Bloxham, Sandra Garlick
  7. James Villareal, Professor Mark Hart, Simon Kelsall
  8. Harsy Singh, Zeeshan Masood, Darren Gwynne