Asian Today celebrates 200

Newspaper celebrates publishing landmark at Arabian Nights

Celebrating its 200th issue, The Asian Today hosted a special party for more than 100 guests. The night was a celebration of a publication much-loved by readers across the Midlands and in attendance were leading names from the business, media, and legal professions as well as the public. The event was held at the Arabian Nights club.

Photography by Jas Sansi


  1. Celebrating with the The Asian Birmingham Chambers of Commerce committee
  2. Ifraz Ahmed, Ninder Johal, Anita Chumber
  3. Sunny & Shay with Ifraz Ahmed, Anita Chumber
  4. Dal Dhaliwal, Mita Mistry, Gurpreet Bachu
  5. Amrik Singh, Waheed Saleem and colleague
  6. Kaviter Parmar, Pav Shergill
  7. Aisha Farooq, Indi Deol and friends
  8. South and City College’s Mike Hopkins, Steve Dourass
  9. Guests